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The perfect rifle for airgunners who prefer traditional, straightforward performance teamed with rock-solid build quality and no-nonsense design.


Air rifles have been in constant manufacture since the mid 1970's, all have been designed with the cooperation of many well respected shooters, some of which are also accomplished engineers in their own right.


Probably the oldest name in the British gun industry able to trace its origins back to 1790. Over the years the company has gained a worldwide reputation for high quality guns. As far back as 1911 the company had patented an air pistol and in 1924 launched the Mark 1 air pistol. Many other models have followed over the years but all have had Webley's core values of high quality, high performance and value for money at their heart.


The Weinrauch Airgun Company in Germany is world-renowned, their guns are built to last a lifetime and they will if looked after and properly serviced.


Theoben have been producing Pre-Charged Pneumatic air rifles since 1990. The first being the award winning and still extremely popular, Rapid 7. Many advances have been made over the years - all Rapids are available in the four main calibres - .177 .20 .22 & .25 and there is a multi shot magazine available for each calibre.

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