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Martin Elworthy mid Cornwall firearms have a long established association with all major brands and can advise you on which manufacturer or gun will suit your needs. These manufacturers include:


Almost 500 years of Italian heriatge have enriched Beretta with enormous experience and knowledge in precision mechanics in the field of shotguns. Fully automated work centres in conjuction with highly qualified craftsmen achieve the desired degree of accuracy and standard of quality. Beretta production covers the whole range of shotguns: over-and-under and side-by-side shotguns for hunting and competition in different grades of finishing, autoloaders and pump action guns.


John Moses Browning was born on 23 January 1855 in Ogden, Utah. Gun making ran in the family of the young John Moses, as his father was a gunsmith who had already been responsible for a number of innovations in the field. As a young boy, he spent his time in his father's workshop, and knew the name of every part of a gun before he could read. By the age of 23, John Moses lodged his first patent, for a gun and this history and heritage is intrinsic to the production of every Browning shotgun today.


Miroku guns first began to appear on the British market in the 1960s, manufactured to the most exacting specifications from the finest materials at the world famous B.C. Miroku Gun Works, Kochi City, Japan. The guns are instantly recognisable, the 3800 became one of the most successful competition shotguns of the 1980s and 90s, used to win countless competitions in every discipline.


Perazzi shotguns offer a perfect combination of high technology and skilled handwork. The Company only produces around 12 guns a day employing the best materials, the most up to date machines and the most skilled craftsmen. The Perazzi range offers a wide variety of gauges, versions and models, starting from the Set of 4 (12-20-28 and .410ga) for hunting available in 7 different grades to the competition versions. The high performance of Perazzi shotguns are confirmed by a list of prestigious victories obtained on shooting ranges throughout the World.

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